Juzeat delivers deliciously curated gourmet ingredients of love to your home kitchens for the easiest cooking experience worthy of restaurant level accolades!
Here are some of the reasons to get your recipe box: Perfect for busy schedules; Break the norm with different meal ideas; Delivered to your door; Relieve stress
No, you can buy the recipe boxes here without subscribing to any plan. There is genuinely no commitment, subscription, or catch. You are free to order one recipe box and then never return, with no action needed on your part. We don’t believe in tying you into a contract that you have to cancel. Instead, we focus on ensuring that once you've tried one of our recipe box from JuzEat, you’ll want to come back for seconds.
No, all our recipes are available at all times, so you are not limited to a weekly or fortnightly menu. If you try something you love, you can come back and order it any time that suits you.
Yes, everything you need will be included in our recipe boxes, including fresh meat, fish, dairy products, and vegetables. Unlike many recipe boxes, we even include the oils, vinegar, and other condiments you’ll need because we think these are vital to the quality and result of your cooking.
Yes, use the ‘Continue Shopping’ link on your shopping cart to add more than one menu. You can choose different delivery dates for each box at checkout.
You can order your Juzeat recipe box for 2 or 4 servings, and our portion sizes will satisfy a hungry adult. If you are feeding children or light eaters, you may find they stretch a bit further. If you want to create a real feast, you can add extra side dishes to your order.
Within 72 hours, and we are working to make some of our recipe boxes available at a shorter lead time.
Please contact us immediately so we can put it right.
Your ingredients are divided into three categories: chilled, fresh, and larder. The chilled ingredients (meat, fish, dairy etc.) will be packaged together in a cool bag. All the fresh ingredients (veggies, fruit, eggs etc.) will be packed together in paper to minimise bruising. Finally, your larder ingredients (spices, oils etc.) are packed in paper bags, one for each recipe.
As soon as you receive your box, please refrigerate the chilled items. When you are ready to cook, begin by organising your ingredients for each recipe. Your larder ingredients are already sorted in paper bags, one for each recipe. Some of your fresh and chilled ingredients will need to be sorted by recipe and in some cases an ingredient may be for use in more than one recipe. Read all your recipe cards carefully, especially the “Before you start” information.
All our recipe box can be easily created using everyday equipment and appliances. If we think you’ll need something special, we’ll make that clear on the recipe page of the website which can be accessed by clicking on the information button.
Please contact us and we’ll do our best to give you the information you need.
Not every ingredient will be certified organic, but we always seek out suppliers who carry relevant best in class accreditations.