CNY Hamper - Happy Family Snack 快乐一家人

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Snacks that you can enjoy with family.


1. Longan Brown Sugar (桂圆红枣红糖) 2pcs

2. Rose Brown Sugar (玫瑰黑糖) 2pcs

3. Ginger Brown Sugar (老姜黑糖) 2pcs

4. Throat Fruit (润喉枣) 50g

5. Green Grape Seedless Raisin (绿葡萄干) 50g

6. Jumbo Blackcurrent Raisin (特大黑加侖幹) 50g

7. Goji Berry (枸杞子) 70g

8. Red Date (红枣) 70g

Serving Suggestion(Cookbook):

1. Brown Sugar Ginger Sweet Potato Dessert

2. Milk Oat with Raisin

3. Red Date Millet Porridge

4. Amaranth Leaves with Goji Berry

Weight: 490G

Item Dimension: 250mm x 120mm x 240mm

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool dry place. Once opened, please keep it in the refrigerator.

Terms & Conditions: We reserve the right to replace any product and decoration to another of equal value depending on stock availability.