CNY Hamper - Healthy Longevity 延年益寿

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Stay Healthy to live a beautiful life.


1. Aliba Chicken Herbal Soup (清补燉鸡汤) 1 pkt

2. Song Kee Soup (slice) (参芪汤) 1pkt

3. Roselle Flower (洛神花) 15g

4. Chrysanthemum Flower (菊花) 15g

5. Ginseng Slice (花旗参片) 4gm

6. Red Date (紅棗) 70g

7. Lump Sugar (单晶冰糖) 100g

Serving Suggestion(Cookbook):

1. Roselle Red Date Tea

2. Chrysanthemum Red Date Dessert with China Barley

3. Hua Qu Shen Chicken Soup

4. Goji Berry Chrysanthemum Cake

Weight: 490G

Item Dimension: 250m x 120mm x 240mm

Country of Origin: Malaysia Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool dry place. Once opened, please keep it in the refrigerator

Terms & Conditions: We reserve the right to replace any product and decoration with another of equal value depending on stock availability.