CNY Hamper - Reunion Hotpot 幸福团圆锅

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Gather all family members with Reunion Hot Pot.


1. Healthy Spicy Soup (slice) (健康麻辣锅) 1 pkt

2. Steamboat Herbal Soup (sachet) (养生火锅汤) 1pc

3. Flower Mushroom (花菇) 30g

4. Cordyceps Flower (虫草花)15g

5. Black Fungus (黑木耳)20g 6. Dried Kelp Seaweed (海带裙干) 30g

7. Dried Seaweed (紫菜) 10g

8. Glass Noodle (冬粉) 50g

Serving Suggestion(Cookbook):

1. Beancurd with Cordyceps Flower

2. Spicy Hot Pot

3. Stir-fried Vegetables

4. Kelp Salad Greeting Cards

Weight: 410G

Item Dimension: 250m x 120mm x 240mm

Storage Method: Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool dry place. Once opened, please keep it in the refrigerator

Terms & Conditions: We reserve the right to replace any product and decoration with another of equal value depending on stock availability.