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Put that extra crunch in your homemade pasta with Caputo Semolina Flour. This soft yellow flour has it all: Good looks, flavor, and multi-purpose functionality. Caputo's Semola di Grano Duro Rimacinata, milled several times to make refined grains, is perfect for fresh pasta and pizza recipes. This coarse flour is healthier than white flour. While making bread, add a little bit of this flour to your regular mix to produce a crisp, tasty crust. Or boil it with milk to make a delicious porridge. Use this semolina flour to add a creamy, healthy texture to your baking recipes, and you will not be disappointed. Since 1924 Molino Caputo has been grinding carefully selected wheat and producing high-performance flours, authentic and genuine. Its art has been passed on year by year over three generations.